Saturday, January 14, 2012

Siren Blood Curse

I just wanted to talk about one of my favorite games of all time, Siren Blood Curse. You can only play it by downloading it off of the Playstation Network in the United States, but in Japan in Europe you could buy it in hard copy. It is a survival/stealth genre, so just imagine combining two games together: Silent Hill and Metal Gear Solid together and you will have this game. This game isn't for the faint of heart; there are lots of moments in this game that are very graphic and disturbing. Pretty much this game is about a group of people who go to this abandoned village in Japan for some kind of television show about the supernatural. Well, they come across these people doing some kind of ritual where they sacrifice someone to a deity. Well, someone interferes with the ritual, causing the villagers to get angry. Afterwards, it begins to rain blood and a loud siren fills the air, giving the characters the ability to sight jack, which allows them to look through the eyes of their enemies. This adds to the tension and fear this game brings out. Throughout the game, you fight these enemies called the Shibito, which are pretty much undead people. No matter how many times you kill them they will always come back. They have a variety of different forms. Well, this is my mediocre way of showing off one of my favorite games. I would recommend this game for anyone who has lots of patience and/or a fan of the Silent Hill/Resident Evil games.

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  1. played this game awesome graphics and gameplay!